Credit Impaired Loans

Credit Impaired Loans

Whether you have a small utility default or have been bankrupt, we have the solution to help you. Residential, commercial, business, car or short term loans, we have access to the lenders that will fit your box.


When someone failed to make repayment on time on their credit facilities or bills. This often incurs an arrears fee of late payment fee and it shows up on your next bill or credit facility statement. The arrears or late payment makes one less favourable to the lender when seeking to refinance or consolidate debts.


When someone failed to repay a credit facility or bill. Generally, creditors will start off with arrears followed by default if they were unable to get in touch with the debtor to arrange a payment arrangement or the matter elapsing over a certain amount of time and unable to come to a solution. Any credit providers is able to register a default on one’s credit report and this record will stay on the credit report for 5 years from the date it is paid out.

Part IX Agreement

A legally binding debt agreement between a person/entity and their creditor/s, generally to negotiate a repayment method that the debtor can meet and payout in X amount of time. This will help the person avoid bankruptcy and the creditor/s will be able to get their money back over a certain period. This agreement will be registered on one’s credit report and can be removed 5+ years after the agreement is paid out in full.


When someone is no longer able to meet their repayment and unable to pay their debt back to the creditor. This generally happens to people who borrow more than their asset value or a failed business venture leaving them with a mountain high of debts that they are unable to meet. A person can go into voluntary bankruptcy or involuntary bankruptcy where the creditors force the person to go bankrupt. This will be listed on one’s credit report 5+ years after they have been discharged of bankruptcy.